Weapon types in EVE Online : Projectile turrets

Projectile turrets are the main weapons of the minmatar race. These weapons can be inserted on such kind of ships as Vargur . The destruction that these weapons cause – explosive/kinetic. This weapon’s class is the most efficient in PVP and in PVE but it requires the serious tuning and you should have a minimum of 7 million skill points in Gunnery branch.

There are two types of the Projectile turrets: pulley and artillery.

Artillery is the long-range weapon designed for fighting at medium or ultra high distances. The extremely slow reload and low tracking speed are compensated by high damage.

Pulley- medium or melee weapon.  The most common type of weapon in Eve online. Weapon is the most effective for any actions.

Generally speaking, the Progective turrets class is the most effective class of weapon presented in Eve online . If you desire to destroy the other players with the one shot and kill hundreds of npc pirats- that kind of weapon is just that you need.