Weapon types in Eve Online: Energy turrets

Energy turrets are the main weapons of the Amarr race. These weapons can be inserted on such kind of ships as Paladin . The destruction that these weapons cause – EM/Thermal. The main difference is the use of frequency crystals cartridges which do not require constant recharging because of their infinite strength.

There are two types of the Energy turrets: the  tracking speed and  the  optimal range.

Beam lasers are the long-range weapons which do not have a hiht level of damage. Moreover, these weapons have low tracking speed and law optimal range.

Pulse lasers are melee weapons. Good for pirat ejection. These weapons require a large number of skill points in Gunnery.

Generally speaking, the Energy turrets class is only good against the npc pirates with the weak level of protection that severely limits the number of available for passage missions.