Is that dangerous to buy ISK in Eve Online?

Is that dangerous to buy ISK in Eve Online?

When you buy ISK you always take risks because it’s against the rules of game (EULA) and may lead to backfires, namely:

ISK sellers have always been permanently banned on first offence, which will continue.

ISK buyers have been handled on a two-strike policy, this will also continue:

  • 7 day ban and removal of proceeds
  • Permanent ban

 However, all of us play Eve Online to enjoy rather than waste hours to earn ISK. That’s why we offer you some important rules to avoid your account locking.

  1. Never use your recently created character to buy ISK. Use your main character. The most important when buying ISK is went unnoticed and don't attract CCP attention. The main character use lets you hide ISK purchase among many others game transactions. Every day you buy ships and books, get rewards for pirates killing. So it’s very easy to hide purchased ISK among these transactions.

Any new created characters (minimum age of 5 months) are in focus of CCP. And in case of suspicious activity they are immediately blocked.

  1. Never use direct ISK transfers. If you are offered to send them directly to your character’s wallet, run away immediately from such seller. He doesn’t care about your safety, and you will be definitely banned because of such transfer method. In a day the seller sends money to the tens of gamers and is immediately fallen within CCP view. When CCP starts its investigation, it will definitely find you.  
  2. Don’t tell anybody about your ISK purchase. Remember the first rule of Fight Club: “You don't talk about Fight Club”. Follow it and never tell your friends from the game that you’ve bought ISK. If you comply with the two previous rules, CCP has the only one way to catch you: informer. If anybody finds out about your purchase and refers a petition to CCP, you will get into troubles. 

Follow these three rules and ISK purchase will be safe and pleasant way for you to enjoy Eve Online. Do you have any questions? Forward them to