Eve Online gas mining

Eve Online gas mining

Gas is the main component required for production of T3 ships (Tengu, Loki, Proteus, Legion). Ladar anomalies contain gas clouds. The gas mined is used to prepare polymers at POS, while those polymers and sleeper salvage are used to assemble hybrid components for manufacturing of T3 modules.

Drawings for T3 module manufacturing can be obtained from Data anomalies.

There are nine types of gas, while approximate profit of each is as follows:

С320 - 2 600 000 isk (Instrumental 6000-C320,500-C540)

С540 - 900 000 isk (Vital has 6000-C540,500-C320)

С50 - 850 000 isk (Barren 3000-C50 ,1500-C60)

С32 - 400 000 isk (Vast has 5000-C32,1000-C28)

С72 - 350 000 isk (Ordinary 3000-C72,1500-C84)

С28 - 300 000 isk (Bountiful 5000-C28,1000-C32)

С60 - 90 000 isk (Token 3000-C60,1500-C70)

С84 - 34 000 isk (Sizeable 3000-C84,1500-C50)

С70 - 28 000 isk (Minor 3000-C70,1500-C72)

Gas anomalies are guarded by some sleepers and can be cleared by common battlecruiser, main damage being EM+TERM.

You managed to dig some gas, what to do with it next?

There are only two options: sell or produce polymers. Gas can be transformed into polymers using Polymer Reactor Array mounted on POS. Since the reactor can make any polymers, it requires a reaction program to operate. Such programs can be acquired at NPS stations at a price of 10 mil each.

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