Eve Online Sleeper Relic sites, Data sites

Eve Online Sleeper Relic sites, Data sites

These are the most profitable sites among combat anomalies. Profit of running such an anomaly equals to that of 5-10 common combat anomalies. Main purpose of these sites is to provide T3 ship production with blueprints (BPC), data banks, tools, and elements of ancient technologies.

When you fly up to an anomaly, you can see grey containers that are guarded by NPC sleepers and that can be opened using Data Analyzer or Relic Analyzer, or Salvager.

You do not necessarily have to destroy all NPC ships to get access to containers. You can kill only those NPCs that are not linked to trigger. After the first container is opened, the anomaly is considered to be passed, and if you fly away, the anomaly will disappear altogether.

The ancient components you get may be of various quality and various price, which is connected to the anomaly difficulty. Same as in combat anomalies, if you fly up on Carrier or Dreadnoughts, capital size sleepers appear. There are two types of Data and Relic anomalies, with damage EM+TERM prevailing in one and EXP+KIN in another. It can be seen from types of NPC ships.

When you pass Data and Relic anomalies in class 4 wormholes using common passive tank Drake, you can get 80-250 mil ISK.

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