Eve Online Reverse Engineering

Eve Online Reverse Engineering

T3 ships are assembled completely from resources that can be mined in wormholes. Materials required for building any T3 cost within 350-400 mil ISK. 70% of the ship hull are melted nanoribbons, while 30% are gas polymers С320 and С540.

First thing you need is T3 ship Blueprints Copy. A set of the following shall be loaded to reverse lab:

- Sleeper salvage of various quality;

- Hybrid tools;

- Race decriptor;

- 3 datacores of hybrid components; and

- 3 datacores of empire technology.

Race of the ship you get in the end depends on race decriptor. Sometimes, invention ends up at the stage of development, in which case you will get remaining and no longer required components back.

Success rate = base rate x [1 + reverse engineering skill level x 0.01] x [1 + (datacore 1 skill level + datacore 2 skill level) x 0.1]

So, you have blueprints, after that you need hybrid components used to assemble T3 ships or subsystems at POS.

Blueprints of hybrid components can be purchased at NPC market; the hybrid components are assembled at POS using sleeper salvage and polymers (processed gases).

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