Eve Online Wormhole Survival Guide

Eve Online Wormhole Survival Guide

Eve Online consists of 7,699 solar systems, among which 1,907 is high security space, 3,294 is low and null security space, and 2,728 are Eve Online wormholes. Laws and restrictions do not apply to wormholes. There are no large alliances or Concord defense ships. Therefore, most of players refrain from entering wormholes, regarding it as a sure death.

Well, let them fear leaving their base, while we will use some statistical data:

- Statistics of NPC (PvE) death: high security space - 84%, null security space - 8%, low security space - 7%, wormholes - 2%.

- Statistics of PvP death: null security space - 52%, low security space - 30%, high security space - 15%, wormholes - 3%.

*Statistical data for twelve months of year of 2016.

As you can see, only 3% of Eve Online players inhabit wormholes and dispose of their resources.

You can consider yourself exceedingly lucky that you read the most detailed Eve Online Wormhole Guide where you can get the following information:

  1. How can you find Eve Online wormhole?
  2. Eve Online wormhole mining
  3. Eve Online gas mining
  4. Eve Online Sleeper Relic sites, Data sites
  5. Eve Online reverse engineering
  6. Eve Online sleeper combat anomalies

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