Sleeper combat anomalies

Sleeper combat anomalies

In class 1, 2, 3 wormholes, sleeper ships don’t have warp disruptors or warp scramblers, therefore, you can run away any time in case of emergency. That is not applicable to wormholes of higher classes.

Combat anomalies are divided into levels of difficulty:

Perimiter sites are low difficulty,

Fronter sites are medium difficulty,

Core sites are high difficulty.

On an average, in combat anomalies you can get equal damage of all types. Moreover, sleepers actively use warp disruptors and warp scramblers. If sleepers fail to destroy the target, they switch to another, including your drones. If there are alive sleeper frigates around, appearance of new waves of sleepers is linked to certain trigger ships. Destroying such a trigger will lead to new wave of attacking sleepers. Class 5, 6 wormholes are characterized by anomalies that do not disappear completely, while they only kill capitals sleeper ships after each down time.

Each killed sleeper drops data banks that are bought up by NPC corporations at a fixed price. The higher class the wormhole has and the more difficult the anomaly is, the more data banks sleepers have. Among other things you can find melted nanoribbons in sleepers, the element being the second half of your profit.

The higher class the wormhole has, the more value of data banks in the profit is. Class 1, 2 wormholes are characterized by melted nanoribbons making the most part of your profit, while for class 3 wormholes the ratio is 50/50.

Sleeper ships are fitted with lasers of ЕМ+ТERM damage and missiles of double EXP+КIN damage. The most important feature is low signature of the ships, which is 35 m for frigates, 150 m for cruisers, and 400 m for battleships.

Therefore, you need Stasis Webifier and Target painter to destroy sleepers successfully. The more you have in your fleet, the higher damage the target gets. If you want to survive, you should move. The quicker you move and the lower your signature is, the longer you will live. That is a common rule for all inhabitants of wormholes. Taking into account the above, the best choice is missile ship that is able to attack targets from large distance and that features small signature and high speed. Only one ship fits here, and that is Tengu.

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