Eve Online Mining Guide

Eve Online Mining Guide

Mining of mineral resources is the most profitable occupation in Eve Online. Successful miners can enjoy their enormous resources any moment they wish. There is a golden rule that miner is a core of Eve Online universe, meaning that everything that is manufactured and destroyed or flying and shooting originates from the materials obtained by miners. Miners are foundation of a pyramid. Economy could not exist without them. It is for this reason that miners will never become extinct, and they will always bring in a fair return.

This guide covers key aspects of mining in Eve Online:

  1. Eve Online first mining character (Basic mining pilot skills, Exhumers pilot skills, Rorqual pilot skills).
  2. Eve Online mining skills
  3. Eve online mining Ships (Eve online Venture, Eve Online Prospect, Eve online Endurance, Eve online Procurer and Skiff, Eve online Retriever and Mackinaw, Eve online Covetor and Hulk, Eve online Orca, Eve Online Porpoise, Eve Online Rorqual)
  4. Eve online mining modules (Miner I, Eve Online Strip miners)
  5. Eve online ore (Veldspar, Pyroxeres, Plagioclase, Kernite,Omber, Hemorphite,  Hedbergite, Jaspet, Dark Ochre, Gneiss, Spodumain, Crokite ,Bistot ,Arkonor, Mercoxit)
  6. Eve Online Ice
  7. Eve Online Mining locations.
  8. Eve Online reprocessing
  9. Eve online mining isk per hour


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