Eve Online first mining character

Eve Online first mining character

The very first skill you need is mining. When created, the character has mining skill of level 3 from the start. Further skill training is optional.

First of all, if that is your first character, you will need ISKs. At the very beginning, you can earn them using frigate Venture fitted with Miner I lasers. The skill at using the frigate is called Mining Frigate, and it is already available. Further development of the skill is practically impossible due to restrictions of Alfa account that is the main reason that a lot of skills are unavailable. Basically, you can dig enough to acquire Plex card, but poorly-fitted Venture can give you 1.5-2 mil per hour in high security space and as many as 4-5 mil per hour as soon as you level up. However, are hundreds of hours spent really worth saving $11? It is much easier to purchase your first Plex (for example, in our shop) and immediately proceed to leaning the skills available on Omega Account.

So, now that you have Omega Account, you need to decide whether you are going to mine the resources by lasers or mining drones. Both ways have their benefits and shortages. Drones reach their full potential only after EXCEEDINGLY complex and expensive character upgrade, while Mining Barge upgrade is much easier and cheaper.

Eve Online basic mining pilot skills:

Rough plan of training the Mining Barge pilot skills:

Mining Frigate II (Alfa Account skill)

Mining Frigate III (Alfa Account skill)

Mining IV  (Alfa Account skill)

Mining Upgrades I (Alfa Account skill)

Mining Upgrades II (Alfa Account skill)

Mining Upgrades III (Alfa Account skill)

That is the last skill Alfa character can develop with respect to ore mining. You can learn other skills only if you have Omega account:

Astrogeology I

Astrogeology II

Astrogeology III 

Industry I

Industry II

Industry III

Industry IV

Industry V

Mining Barge I

Mining Barge II

Mining Barge III

Astrogeology IV

Mining Upgrades IV

Capacitor Management IV

Mining Barge IV

Spaceship Command IV

After you learn all the skills above, it is a good idea to stop and decide whether you are interested in mining, or something absolutely different is worth a try, since other skills will take 1.5 month to learn, while it took you only 12 days to study all preceding skills. Experience shows that most players get disappointed with mining and afterwards recall with sadness that at the beginning of the game they spent plenty of time to upgrade mining skills. However, if you are determined to pursue the goal of becoming a miner, there are two options how you can upgrade your character even further.

Eve Online exhumer pilot skills:

Here is a examlpe of good Exhumers pilots

First option is to study the skills required to pilot exhumers - Т2 mining barge:

Astrogeology V

Mining Barge V

Mining V

Exhumers I

Exhumers II

Exhumers III

Exhumers IV

Eve Online Rorqual pilot skills:

Second option is to train skills for drone mining on Rorqual ship. In a longer run, it is more profitable, since one Rorqual can mine ore 4 times more than any Exhumer ship (in other words, one Rorqual equals to four Hulks in terms of ore mining yield per minute), but it is also more difficult and expensive. You will spend at least 9 months to learn all the skills you need and 14 bil ISKs to buy skill books and Rorqual ship with fitting. Therefore, this will not be entered into in this guide.

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