Eve Online mining ships

Eve Online mining ships

In general, you can use any ship for mining. However, here we are to discuss special-purpose ships created specifically for mining, namely line of ORE corporation ships.

Eve Online Venture

That is the only mining ship available for Alfa account. Among other advantages, it features two built-in warp stabilizers, bonuses to ore and gas mining, and large-size ore hold. Its capacity is limited by 500 cu.m per minute.

Eve Online Prospect

It is a T2 version of Venture ship. You cannot use it on Alfa account. This ship can be fitted with covert ops cloaking device. Moreover, it gives nice bonuses to gas mining. The ship is intended for inconspicuous ore mining in null security space or wormholes. Its capacity is as high as 700 cu.m per minute.

Eve Online Endurance

It is another T2 version of Venture ship specializing in ice mining. Regrettably, it cannot be fitted with covert ops cloaking device. It gives bonuses to decrease in ice mining cycle time. Its capacity is as high as 800 cu.m per minute.

Eve Online Procurer and Skiff

Major asset of these ships is that they give defense bonuses. Those are the most robust ships among exhumers. Their ore holds are not that big, but their shields can take up to 1,000 damage per second.

Eve Online Retriever and Mackinaw

At the moment, that is the best choice for those that wish to dig in Afk mode. The ships are characterized by high defense and large ore hold, allowing digging continuously for up to 30 minutes.

Eve Online Covetor and Hulk

Hulk gives the highest bonuses to ore mining, and it can mine approx. 25% more ore per one cycle than other exhumers. However, it paid its price for that by small ore hold that can be filled during 3-4 minutes. Moreover, Hulk has low defense; its shields cannot take even 400 damage per second. Here you can see a good example of all V Hulk pilot.

Eve Online Orca

Most commonly, Orca is used for support, since it features special ore hold, vast standard hold, and ship hangar. Amongst other things, Orca can be fitted with three fleet links giving various bonuses, increasing mining yield of all miners in the same fleet that Orca pilot belongs to.

Orca ship hangar is suitable for ships that are not larger than Battlecruiser, for example, Drake or several Hulks. Recent update gave Orca bonuses to ore mining using drones. With maxed skills, its capacity is as high as that of a Retriever and can reach 1,600 cu.m per minute.

Eve Online Porpoise

It is Orca for those that cannot afford better ships. Similar to Orca, this ship gives bonuses to fleet fellows, however, less generous. Its own capacity equals to that of two Venture ships only, never exceeding 600 cu.m per minute.

Eve Online Rorqual

It is a Capital size mining ship with perfect fleet mining bonuses. It is provided with special higher efficiency mode called industrial mode. This ship can compress ore, substantially decreasing its weight. Same as Orca, it is fitted with vast ore hold, corporate hold, and ship hangar. Rorqual is the fastest digger: it can use excavator drones plus, when in industrial mode, efficiency of the drones increases manifold. Rorqual can mine as many as 27,000 cu.m per minute. Here you can see a good example of all V Rorqual pilot.

IMPORTANT: most older guides (developed before 2015) recommend digging using T1 frigates or even Apocalypse. Forget all about it, since all recent updates stripped T1 frigates of ore mining bonuses, as a Venture ship that dig ore much faster than any T1 frigate was introduced. Besides, all mining ships got separate ore holds that Battleships lack.

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