Eve Online Ore

Eve Online Ore

All ores can be divided into high security (found in asteroid belts almost anywhere), low security (found in asteroid belts of low and null security space), and null security (found in asteroid belts of null security space) minerals.

High security minerals:

Veldspar is the most common ore that you can find almost anywhere. This ore contains high amount of Tritanium required for building up of a lot of objects. There are two variants of the ore: Concentrated Veldspar that contains 5% more minerals and Dense Veldspar that contains 10% more minerals.

Scordite is almost as wide spread as Veldspar. This ore is mostly rich in Pyerite and contains pretty high amount of Tritanium. Upgraded variants are Condensed Scordite (+5%) and Massive Scordite (+10%).

Pyroxeres is the only ore among high security minerals that contains Nocxium. It is also rich in Tritanium, Pyerite, and Mexallon. Upgraded variants are Solid Pyroxeres (+5%) and Viscous Pyroxeres (+10%).

Plagioclase is the ore that contains the highest amount of Mexallon. It is also rather rich in Pyerite and contains some Tritanium. Upgraded variants are Azure Plagioclase (+5%) and Rich Plagioclase (+10%).

Kernite can be found only in Amarr high security space. It contains a lot of Mexallon and Isogen. Upgraded variants are Luminous Kernite (+5%) and Fiery Kernite (+10%).

Omber is the ore that is mostly rich in Isogen. It also contains some Tritanium and Pyerite. You can found it in Gallente and Minmatar asteroid belts of high security space. Upgraded variants are Silvery Omber (+5%) and Golden Omber (+10%).

Low security minerals:

Hemorphite contains almost all the minerals in small amounts. At the moment the guide was developed, it was one of the most valuable ores. Upgraded variants are Vivid Hemorphite (+5%) and Radiant Hemorphite (+10%).

Hedbergite contains a lot of Isogen and small amounts of other minerals. Upgraded variants are Vitric Hedbergite (+5%) and Glazed Hedbergite (+10%).

Jaspet, similar to two previous ores, contains a lot of various minerals (save for Isogen, Megacyte, and Morphite). It is highly rich in Nocxium. Upgraded variants are Pure Jaspet (+5%) and Pristine Jaspet (+10%).

Null security minerals:

Dark Ochre contains lots of Zydrine and Tritanium and some Nocxium. Upgraded variants are Onyx Ochre (+5%) and Obsidian Ochre (+10%).

Gneiss is the ore that is high in Mexallon and also contains Tritanium, Isogen, and Zydrine. Upgraded variants are Irisdescent Gneiss (+5%) and Prismatic Gneiss (+5%).

Spodumain is the ore you can always find in very large chunks of asteroids. You could develop medium-sized Spodumain asteroid for 2-3 hours. Upgraded variants are Bright Spodumain (+5%) and Gleaming Spodumain (+10%).

Crokite is the ore that is very high in Zydrine, also contains some Nocxium and a good deal of Tritanium. Upgraded variants are Sharp Crokite (+5%) and Crystalline Crokite (+10%).

Bistot is the ore that, when refined, can give fairly large amount of Megacyte and Zydrine and some Pyerite. Upgraded variants are Triclinic Bistot (+5%) and Monolinic Bistot (+10%).

Arkonor is the ore that contains more Megacyte than any other ore. It is also fairly high in Zydrine and contains some Tritanium. Upgraded variants are Crimson Arkonor (+5%) and Prime Arkonor (+10%).


This is specific ore that can be found only deep in null security space and wormholes. That is the only ore that contains Morphite. It differs from others in that you can mine it using so called deep core mining lasers rather than common ones. Besides, during digging, it can explode dealing damage to everything around. Same as all other ores, it has two upgraded variants that are Magma Mercoxit (+5%) and Vitreous Mercoxit (+10%).

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