Eve Online Ice

Eve Online Ice

One block of ice occupies 1,000 cu.m. You cannot find ice in every system you visit but only in ice anomalies, unless other players have dug it up already before you. To harvest ice, you need to study Ice Harvesting skill and fit your ship with Ice Harvester module. The module can be installed only on mining barges or exhumers.

There are eight types of ice used to harvest seven resources: heavy water, liquid ozone, strontium, and four different isotopes. Isotope-containing ice has upgraded variants.

Blue Ice (upgraded variant: Thick Blue Ice) is a source of Oxygen Isotopes (Gallente isotopes). You can find it in Gallente space. In addition to isotopes, it also contains some Heavy Water and Liquid Ozone.

Clear Icile (upgraded variant: Enriched Clear Icile) is a source of Helium Isotopes (Amarr isotopes). You can find it in Amarr space.

Glacial Mass (Smooth Glacial Mass) is a source of Hydrogen Isotopes (Minmatar isotopes). You can find it in Minmatar space.

White Glaze (Pristine White Glaze) is a source of Nitrogen Isotopes (Caldari isotopes).

The remaining four types of ice do not contain isotopes; however, they are very high in other ice resources: Heavy Water, Liquid Ozone, and Strontium. You can find it only in null security space. Usually, these types of ice are more expensive than isotope-containing ice.

Dark Glitter is the most valuable ice. It is the richest in Liquid Ozone and also contains lots of Heavy Water and some Strontium.

Glare Crust is similar to Dark Glitter, but it contains more Heavy Water and less Liquid Ozone and Strontium.

Krystallos is the leader in amount of Strontium it contains, and it is also rich in Heavy Water and Liquid Ozone.

Gelidus is pretty rich in all three resources, though is not a leader in any. That is the cheapest ice among null security ice.

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