Eve Online Mining locations

Eve Online Mining locations

Asteroid belts

You can find most of ore in asteroid belts. You can run across them in almost every solar system. They contain one or another combination of ore depending on region and security status of the system.

Gravimetric Sites

There are three types of Gravimetric Sites:

a) Ore Sites that contain one, two or three types of ore.

b) Asteroid Cluster or Deposit containing all types of ore.

c) Ice-containing sites.

You can find Gravimetric Sites of the first type everywhere in inhabited space. They contain ore that can be found in asteroid belts with lower space security status. For example, high security Gravimetric Sites may hold asteroids containing ore that can be found only in low security space. Gravimetric Sites of the first type have pretty small amount of ore that one miner can dig for 2-3 hours.

Gravimetric Sites of the second type can be found in null security space and wormholes. Besides, Asteroid Clusters are null security Gravimetric Sites, while Deposits are wormhole Gravimetric Sites. Concentration of ore in null security space depends on security status of the system: the lower the status is, the higher concentration of the ore is. If security status of the system is less than 0.84, all ore of Gravimetric Sites gets enriched (contains minerals by 10% more).

Gravimetric Sites of the third type contain only ice that, if dug up in full, will appear in the same system in four hours.

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