Eve Online reprocessing

Eve Online reprocessing

Refine/Reprocessing is ore processing required to disaggregate minerals. Usually, ore refining causes loss of some amount of minerals, since part of them is taken as a tax by the station owner, while remaining part is all yours. You can decrease losses and taxes in most cases by training the respective skills. Final result of reprocessing depends heavily on so called basic refining coefficient of the station.

High security space can have stations with two basic refining coefficients: 50% and 35%. In null security space, outposts built up by the players feature base refining coefficient of 57. Do not be alarmed by the figures, because this coefficient is only basic, and it can be increased by means of player skills. Formula used to calculate the final refining coefficient is shown below:

Final coefficient = [Station Equipment] x (1+[Refining Skill] x 0.03) x (1+[Refinery Efficiency Skill] x 0.02) x (1+[Ore Processing Skill] x 0.02).

You can see, that max refining coefficient for high security space is 69.5%, while that for null security space is 83.5%.

You can refine ore only by blocks of 100 units in each. It means that if you refine 599 units of Arconor, you will get minerals only from 500 units (five complete blocks by 100 units), while 99 units (incomplete block) will remain unrefined. Reprocessing is similar process, the difference being that various modules dropped by destroyed NPC pirates rather than ore are processed to disaggregate minerals.

You can carry the POS along, anchor, whenever required, and then dismantle it.

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