Daily Event: The Agency, Live on Sisi

Daily Event: The Agency, Live on Sisi

Daily Event The Agency, Live on Sisi

The new daily event titled, The Agency, is up on the test server now for players to play with. 

Rewards for this event are granted in the form of special boosters, PLEX, and SKINS, including a slick new Tengu Sukuuvestaa SKIN. Further comments by CCP Dragon iterates that the final loot/rewards table is not in place and the final iteration will be tweaked based on findings within the testing of the Event.

The Event is based on the same version as previous Eve dailies ‘Shadow of the Serpent’ and the ‘Scope Network’ systems, but meant to be a more neutral option than the others.

As is customary players are divided on the merits of dailies in Eve Online, with many players complaining that dailies are a Skinner Box, and other complaining back that ‘Hey, I like Skinner Boxes’. Data gathered from previous events suggests that players that logged in, would take the time to kill their rat and get their 10,000 experience points, but that if a player was not planning on logging in already, they were not likely to do so merely to get their daily. Newer players were an exception to this so an argument could be made that gearing dailies towards rookies is a good way to help the longevity of Eve. Giving players a direction after their initial introduction into the game helps them get the ball rolling. From my personal experience, even if previous dailies were not particularly worth logging in for to veteran players financially, they still provided plenty in the way of good content. Every opportunity to get us into space gives us that much of a chance of a meaningful interaction with another player and that is at the heart of Eve. Whether dailies are ‘worth it’ or not, they give us a reason to undock and potentially get into trouble, they put more spaceships in space, and they facilitate more cool explosions.