Northern Coalition. Clashes with Goonswarm Federation and allies EFA.

Northern Coalition. Clashes with Goonswarm Federation and allies EFA.

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A major battle took place today in the region of Khanid, in the lowsec system Efa today, as Goonswarm Federation [CONDI] and their allies squared off against Northern Coalition. [NC].

The battle took place over a Plaer-Owned Starbase (POS) reinforcement timer. Members of the Querious Fight Club including Cold Steel Alliance [STEEL], The Exiled Gaming [TXG], and Greater D.U.S.K. Coalition[GDUSK] formed in around 30 Hyperions to defend the reinforced POS. Northern Coalition. countered by sending around 100 Machariel-Class Battleships, with Guardian and Oneiros logistics support, Heavy Interdiction Cruisers, and Damnation links.

Being severely outnumbered, Goonswarm Federation was called to the aid of their allies and arrived shortly in close to 300 Jackdaw Class Tactical Destroyers, with heavy support from Keres’, Maulus’, and booshing Command Destroyers.

Together the forces were able to clear NC’s Logi wing and were beginning to chew through the Machariels when NC. brought in two Force Auxiliary Carriers to rep the fleet. Finding even the combined DPS of 300 Jackdaws not enough to break the reps of the Machs with the carrier support behind them, Goonswarm and QFC withdrew, leaving NC. holding the field, but also leaving the tower standing. Speculation was made that Goons did not want to counterdrop their own capitol ships in because they were not prepared to fight Panfam.

Goonswarm and its allies took the Isk war, losing approximately 6 billion ISK worth or ships as opposed to NC.’s 14 billion.