Storm Over Hakonen

Storm Over Hakonen

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During the early morning hours of August 8th, deep space Doppler Relays recorded fleets from both the United Northern Coalition (UN/UNC) forces made up of GOTG, Pandemic Horde, Pandemic Legion, and Northern Coalition., forming in preparation for a Goonswarm Federation Fortizar onlining in the Goon deployment system of Hakonen. UN forces formed three full Mach fleets, several tackle and EWAR wings, alongside a PL Abaddon fleet, and a large contingent of supercarriers and Force Auxiliaries, intended primarily to siege the onlining Fortizar. Goonswarm Federation and its Imperium allies, as well as Test Alliance Please Ignore, constitute the Coalition of Southern Alliances (CSA). CSA forces formed three full Typhoon fleets, a Nightmare fleet under TEST, a Slippery Pete Tengu wing, a sizable Claw fleet and EWAR wing, and a Jackdaw fleet as well. They additionally formed a sizable capital group, anchored on top of an Astrahus at range to the onlining Fortizar.

UN forces quickly bridged into system around 01:20, setting up in a position around the onlining Fortizar, ‘The Beacon of Amon Din‘, with local approaching 2700 easily. A Mobile Cynosural Inhibitor, dropped to prevent enemy capitals and supercapitals from coming into system on a perch around the onlining Fortizar, was brought down at 01:49. Multiple CSA fleets then warped into the battlefield as UN supercapitals cyno’d into system, clashing heavily. Asher Elias, renowned GSF fleet commander, was one of the first to go down in his command Legion, with other CSA fleet commanders targeted heavily by UN Coalition forces. Headshot attempts were traded on both sides, some successful and others not. Multiple Damnation command ships, all CSA forces, began to go down in the ensuing struggle.

Machariels on the UN side split weapon groups, and began to target either Typhoons (in the case of Pandemic Horde and NCdot) or Jackdaws (in the case of the GOTG fleet). Jackdaws were targeted primarily due to their application damage to fighters and fighter bombers, already hitting the Beacon of Amon Din, and also their effectiveness in killing battleship class vessels. Many Jackdaws and fighter groups of CSA forces would die over the next half an hour, as crippling TiDi began to set in. Target locking was reportedly very difficult, with jammed weapon groups, weapons that wouldn’t cycle, and scripts refusing to load into tracking computers all repported during the fighting. Intermittent Machariels on the UN side evaporated under heavy fire from the multiple CSA Typhoon fleets present, increasing as time went on.

While trades were fairly even early on, by 03:00 the tide had shifted against CSA forces heavily. UN supercarriers began to target their Typhoons, destroying many of them. A fleet led by a reshipped Asher Elias reengaged the UN forces at point blank range, intensifying lag, but were forced off field again when Asher was headshot by UN forces. CSA command destroyers, which had been attempting to boosh hostile logi wings off field, now worked to boosh friendlies off field, and succeeded in rescuing many Typhoons. By 03:45, CSA forces were retreating, pulling back to friendly Astrahus and Raitaru citadels in system, leaving a field of wrecks in their wake. The Beacon of Amon Din was then attacked, and destroyed around 04:15.