Battle Report: The Unintended Consequences of Super Capital Ratting (Wicked Creek)

Battle Report: The Unintended Consequences of Super Capital Ratting (Wicked Creek)

A Burn Eden [NCDOT] corp roam was attempting to shake the boredom of the Tuesday afternoon when a STARCHASER Nyx was spotted ratting in the MN-Q26 solar system in the Wicked Creek region.

Noticing the opportunity for a kill, NCDOT’s FC Travis Musgrat flash formed a Machariel fleet and got in to position to engage the STARCHASER Nyx. It was tackled in the belt, bubbles went up – game on! As the Mach fleet landed on the site, a Ninazu came to the tackled Nyx’ aid. Primary was switched from the super-cap to the Gallente force auxiliary as NCDOT dreads were called in.

As one of the NCDOT’s interdictors warped to F-EM4Q gate to avoid further damage, it bumped into small capital FAX fleet (that included a second Nyx) that came to help the tacked super capital. The interdictor bubbled the gate up and a few of the main fleet logistics were sent to the gate to assist in keeping the interdictors alive while the main fleet finished the ships caught in the belt.

Unbeknownst to NCDOT, while all this happened, a Tempest response fleet was formed up by Fraternity.Fraternity. is notable for being composed, in part, by Chinese players who choose not to play on the Serenity server.

As the belt Nyx and Ninazu died, the Machariel fleet warped into the F-EM4Q gate and engaged the second Nyx. Then to the amazement of the NCDOT FC, a solo Imicus appeared and lit a cyno from which the Fraternity fleet poured in.

In the end, the gate was cleaned up, and two Nyxs and eight Faxes went down. NCDOT traded 13 billion in losses vs. 96 in losses from SCERS/FRT side.

Battle Report: