Watch This: Trevton Against the World.


Solo PVP videos are always an excellent opportunity to gain insight into the inner workings of killmail aficionados. Today’s video comes from Trevton of NANO CONSPIRACY corporation, part of the Thermodynamics alliance.

After a Typhoon roam, Trevton decides to end his day with a bang and travels to one of the most camped solar systems in EVE, The Tama solar system in The Citadel. What follows is a low kill count, but still cool to watch solo PVP video, not only because how the events unfold but also the abandon of Trevton regarding his Typhoon, which gives him more license to risk his ship:

Some viewers complained how he had cut out the part where he died a few minutes after the video ended, he replied by posting the entire video to show how it happened (overwhelmed in a subsequent engagement), still a pretty sweet video for PVP lovers.