New Nullsec ratting bot for EVE Online

Full automation - Nullsec anomalys ratting in fully automatic mode without any player help.



















Multiple windows - one bot monitors from one to five windows at the same time. You can ratting one anomaly with five characters at a time.































PVP protection algorithm - the bot constantly analyzes the local chat for the presence of neutrals or minuses and immediately warps out your characters on the POS in case of danger.



















PVE protection algorithm - the bot constantly monitors the status of shields and armor, protecting your ships from destruction.































Passive profit - one bot brings up to 300 million ISKs per hour.



















Free bonus - when you purchase a Ratting bot you will get a Watchdog bot for free. The watchdog bot monitors the situation in neighboring solar systems and warns of the approach of enemies by an audible signal.































EVE PVE BOT includes



  • Eve PVE Bot client on 5 windows with activation key for 30 days.
  • Detailed instruction for installing, running and managing the program (PDF format).
  • Detailed video instruction.
  • Watchdog bot with user manual.
  • 30 days of Technical Support by Skype or Email.













Price: $25







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