Frequently Asked Questions

1. What if I have been deceived - bought the product and got nothing?









All transactions on our web- site are carried out through the Paypal payment system which guarantees 100% protection of customers against fraud. You can always get a refund for a failed delivery.









2. None of the characters that are offered satisfy my desires. What should I do?









You can connect with us by pressing the “Ask admin” button and we will help to find an appropriate character for you.









3. What if I will be banned right after purchase?









We use only approved and the safest ways to deliver your order, so that the risk of a ban is minimal- only 2-3%. (These figures are based on statistics compiled over 8 years). However, if this happens, then we will provide you with comprehensive assistance in the compilation of the application to the game support, but you must understand that: you purchase ingame items at your own risk, your game account may be blocked as a result of buying game currency.









4. I love playing Eve Online and I’ve collected a lot of ISK. Can I sell it here?









Of course, you can. We are always glad to help those who are ready to turn their hobby into the source of an additional income. Just press the button “ Ask Admin” and follow the instructions of our operator.









5. I’ve made a purchase. Please, tell me what are the terms of delivery?









The delivery time is 5 minutes up to 24 hours. Please, contact us by email or Skype before placing your order to learn about the actual delivery time.









6. The price is rather expensive, I do not like it. Have you got any discounts?









Our favorite work is making our clients happy and sometimes we have a great discount events! Please, contact us by email or Skype to learn more about it.