Triglavian ships

DAMAVIK triglavian ship EVE online


Price: $ 5.85

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VEDMAK triglavian ship EVE online


Price: $ 14.24

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LESHAK triglavian ship EVE online


Price: $ 24.92

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Triglavian group is a new faction, it can be found in the new type of Abyssal Deadspace space. Abyssal Deadspace is a new type of location for PVE. There you can find Damavik, Leshak, Vedmak blueprints, Mutaplasmids, Entropic Disintegrator and many more rare items with high eve isk cost.
Triglavian ships are the only ships that can use the Entropic Disintegrator. Entropic Disintegrator is a curious weapon system similar to laser guns but damage of this weapon increases with each shot.
Abyssal Mutaplasmids are special elements that are designed to change certain modules. For example, Microwarpdrive Mutaplasmid can increase or decrease the speed bonus, the powergrid requirement, the signature radius modifier, or the activation cost.
On you can buy Eve Triglavian Ships ( Damavik, Leshak, Vedmak ) with low price and high level anonymity of the transaction.